Insurance Agents – Get Your Insured Clients Paid on Their Personal Property Claims Faster!

Most people who buy insurance from an insurance agent do not understand that the majority of agents out there really do care about their customers.

One of the big problems I have found over the last twenty-five years working in the claims side of insurance is that when agents grow sometimes the personal touch side of their business can be hard to maintain.

I have seen countless brave agents the day after a major hurricane tromping through knee high sewer water, snakes, and climbing under and over downed trees to see if one of their customers are okay, and usually have a check in hand.

The problem is the news media do not put those stories out they concentrate on the stories with a negative light.

Over these last two and a half decades as both a staff and an independent claims adjuster a specific niche problem area has continually surfaced when people suffer damage to their homes or businesses. A nagging area that can have your customers unhappy and cause their claims not to close quickly is their personal property claims.

Time and again especially during major storms the insurance companies will somewhat be more tolerant on their documentation requirements for an insured’s personal property claims. You have seen it. A limit set at anything say, $2,500.00 or less is automatically accepted and paid.

Anything over the usual receipts and/or photos is required. After a few short weeks or when the volume subsides some the companies start again adhering to black and white policy procedures to stop all their customers from claiming that 72″ plasma screen television.

This is when the complaints start rolling in and your customer satisfaction drops along with customer retention.

What if you could show your customers how to safeguard the value of their property and have the necessary documents available to you and the adjusters to quickly handle their claim and get them their claims check faster!

Providing Great Customer Service Just Got Easier!

A new service is out now that is designed to:

o Speed up the claims process of your customer’s personal property losses.
o Document the condition of their personal property.
o Confirm repairs or replacement of your customers current or previously damaged property.
o Allows 24/7 access to their photos and receipts 365 days a year.
o Service is for both residential and businesses.

Imagine being able to offer an insurance related service product to your valuable customers that not only benefits your customer, but also has valuable benefits to you and the insurance company.

This new service saves time and money-

o Access to photos of your customer’s home or business personal property taken before the damage occurred.
o View photos of previous storm damage.
o Speeds up adjusters reporting time.
o Customer can give you temporary access code to view all their stuff even if the house is completely destroyed.
o Get your customers their claims money when they need it.
o Save space on company data-storage using their world class data center.

You as an insurance agent have been taking photos of homes and businesses for years. Now this new service that is out can enable an agent to help their customer’s digitally document all of their personal property so if they are unfortunate enough to have to file a claim against their insurance everything is readily accessible for you and your adjusters.

People (your customers) only thought is that they pay on their insurance policies month after month, and year after year.

They just want money to get their life back in order! This new service product is built just for that purpose, but has some extra features built into it that might just put a stop to insured’s trying to make a profit on their claims.

This product has a built in referral system in it allowing the customer a way by telling other people about the service they receive a check. Relate this to how you as an agent receive a residual income when your customers automatically renew their policies.

The referral part of this new service is no doubt a great deal not only for anybody who has stuff in their home or business or who knows someone who owns any personal property, but also for insurance agents with any size book of business.

Residual income is the big draw in becoming an insurance agent. No doubt about it. This new service actually provides a way not only to give your customers a better way to document their personal property in case they need to file a claim, but a way to actually put some extra money in their pocket.

It also allows you as an agent a way to do the same. You provide your customers faster claims service, keep your retention rate up, make your company happy, help your adjusters close claims quicker, and can also receive a non-conflict of interest referral bonus if your customers get this service.

The new service pays adjusters great money to go out and perform the digital photo service for the customer. You could just refer your customers to the service taking advantage of the adjusters taking photos for your customers, or you can take the photos yourself (or have your junior associates do it) and receive both the field pay and the referral fee as well.

Having been in the insurance claims industry all these years, and even having a license on the selling side at one time I can tell you this is a great service product that is a true win-win for everybody.